Our broad understanding of building based business models, green energy, as well as a wide range of construction methods allows our commercial designs to be informed, based on the bottom line while being environmentally conscious.

RV Homebase

As a relocatable home park, RVHomeBase is enjoying tremendous success. As part of the initial concept development as well as the ongoing design, we have master planned the community as well as designed all the commercial facilities, while providing all the ongoing house designs.


We have a number of projects in Papua New Guinea that are at varying stages of development. Most require self sufficient building systems and remote construction techniques. We have used shipping containers with prefab internal fitouts to create many of the designs. 

4th Avenue, caloundra

Part of an amalgamation of two lots, this first stage of a master plan includes a medical tennacy and maximises the allowable built area of the site.  Deep eaves, extensive roof insulation, and efficient building methods achieved a cost effective and energy efficient design.

kalbar master plan

We were commissioned to create a master plan for a vacant paddock just outside the Kalbar CBD.  The idea was to create layers of different residential densities that cater for a variety of life styles including a retirement village and small lot designs using a modular flat pack construction system.

Simpsons Retail, Fox Studios

Located at Fox Studios, Sydney, the Simpson's retail space features all Simpson licensed merchandise. A wealth of licensed imagery was available to integrate into this exciting interior design. Many one of a kind graphics were developed from the Simpsons art work and used only in this retail shop.

Shopping Mall, North Queensland

As Project Designer for Blackburne Jackson Design, Mark Buczynski was responsible for the exterior architecture of this Mall and generated the presentation renderings. The design features a grand entry onto a covered public gathering space. Colours sympathetic to the local landscape were used to blend the large development into the existing landscape.

Commercial buildings

Sustainable Concepts House

The Sustainable Concepts house incorporates our unique building system and a host of self sufficient features like PV solar panels, solar hot water, multiple rainwater tanks, vertical axis wind turbine, water wise fixtures, energy efficient appliances, and lighting. The wide eaves, clerestory windows, cross ventilation,and courtyard design elements create a comfortable micro climate in the subtropics of Southeast Queensland. This house will feature the latest in environmental materials and product innovation, and become a showcase of Sustainable living at an affordable price.